Welcome to Midwest Pesticide Action Center’s New Website


Welcome! Midwest Pesticide Action Center is proud to launch a new website to go along with our new name.

In June of this year we officially changed our name from Safer Pest Control Project to Midwest Pesticide Action Center. What we haven’t changed is our mission. We are still committed to reducing the health risks and environmental impacts of pesticides by promoting safer alternatives. You can read more about this change in our Spring Update.

This fresh, user-friendly website works to advance that mission by providing individuals, communities, and institutions with information on the importance of reducing the use of pesticides and the best ways to take action. In addition, it clearly communicates the scope of our impact and highlights our diverse programs.

Thank you to Strassel Creative and our Board of Directors for helping us produce a fantastic new resource that helps us communicate the risks of exposure to toxic pesticides. We encourage everyone to explore the site and share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.