Summer 2016 update- Twenty Minutes to Impact


20 Minutes. That’s the target for our projects at MPAC, now. What can we accomplish with 20 minutes?

It took a 20 minute presentation to build the foundations for a 2.9 acre Pesticide-Free park in Elmhurst, a 20 minute initial planning meeting to design an online Integrated Pest Management training that more than 800 childcare staff used, and a 20 minute pitch to Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) of Greater Chicago Commissioner Frank Avila to recognize our Midwest Grows Green initiative and move the district to herbicide free land management.

As evidenced by this Summer’s update, we can do a lot in 20 minutes! But, we need your help to continue initiating these conversations and creating innovative programs to reduce pesticide use at homes, lawns, schools, parks, and other spaces across the Midwest. Please contribute to our indoor and outdoor programs at

As always, we appreciate all the support you offer!

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