Reason #9 to attend our MGG Healthy Lawns Fundraiser

MPAC’s Ryan Anderson will share his comedic take on common lawn weeds.

Back in my childhood, I would pick up a dandelion, make a wish, and blow its seeds into the air. I didn’t realize back then, but I was probably public enemy #1 for my neighbors trying to maintain their green, weed-free lawns. Not to mention my parents!

I wasn’t the sole bulldozer of lawns, however. Countless of my friends exhibited this dandelion voodoo, and I’m sure kids today practice as well.

I always thought that something in my nature drew me to dandelions when young, other than the fact I didn’t have a smart phone back then. I’m in the fortunate career, for lack of a better word, where I can test this theory.

For the past few months, I did just that…investigate the relationship humans have had with weeds of Creeping Charlie, clover, and dandelions and create a stand-up routine for Science Riot where science meets comedy.

I discovered that most weeds we loathe today, were loved by our ancestors. While many practices, likes, and hobbies of our ancestors should admittedly remain obsolete (medicinal leeches anyone?), I’d like to see us reclaim our appreciation for weeds.

If we develop tolerance and, dare I say it, “love” for weeds, then we can focus our attention on growing a strong, resilient turfgrass system that outcompetes weeds and pests for water, nutrients, and sunlight.

I hope you will start to value weeds after attending our Midwest Grows Green Healthy Lawns Fundraiser, Monday, October 29th, 5 to 8 pm at Good City Brewing in Milwaukee. I’m excited to share my Science Riot stand-up routine with you that explores the value of weeds by comparing them to beloved Disney characters.

We will have laughs, drinks, and, most importantly, discussions on approaches to make our landscapes in Milwaukee safer for children, pets, and pollinators. Early bird tickets for $35 are now available at

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