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This Midwest Grows Green program informs and connects homeowners to eco-friendly lawn and garden products to reduce the use of harmful pesticides.

Midwest Grows Green’s Point-of-Purchase retailer program partners with local hardware, home, and garden supply stores to promote safer, eco-friendly alternatives to conventional lawn care products.  The program provides clear labeling of products at the point-of-purchase to encourage consumers to buy more sustainable products.  This empowers consumers to make purchasing decisions that decrease the negative health and environmental  impacts of the overuse of fertilizers and dangerous pesticides.

MWGG Tag V5Many environmentally-conscious consumers prefer to use eco-friendly products but are not well-informed about their options. To help customers make informed decisions, participating retailers use MPAC-designed “Eco-Friendly” shelf tags and shelf talkers so that shoppers can easily identify their organic, natural, and least-toxic products. MPAC also distributes a pamphlet of tips on using natural lawn care in-stores. Homeowners can also consult our Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Product Catalog online to inform their future purchasing decisions or learn more about the products they already use.

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Resources for Homeowners

Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Product Catalog for Consumers

This catalog is intended to help consumers identify products that minimize the risk of harm to family, pets, and the environment from pesticides. Consult this catalog to find eco-friendly products to control common lawn and garden pests such as weeds, disease, and insects. Also listed are natural and organic fertilizers that promote healthy, naturally pest-resistant lawns.

Click to view the catalog

Map of Participating Retailers

See which Greater Chicago, Milwaukee, and Urbana retailers are participating in our Midwest Grows Green Point-of-Purchase Program. These stores carry eco-friendly lawn and garden products identified in our Product catalog and label them with the MPAC-certified Eco-Friendly shelf tags.




What are the benefits of MGG Retailer Participation?

MPAC works closely with recruited retailers to make them comfortable with the program and provides all instruction and materials free of charge. Retailers in turn agree to use the MGG tags and talkers as described in the MGG catalog provided and give feedback on the program’s effectiveness.  The benefits include:

  1. Boosting your store’s image as an environmentally-friendly business. Consumers are showing a growing preference for sustainable products through their purchasing choices.Your store’s participation in the Midwest Grows Green Program will increase your appeal to environmentally conscious customers.
  2. Increasing your sales of less-toxic, environmentally-friendly products. Visual resources, including the shelf channel tags and shelf talkers, will help customers identify eco-friendly products. This may bring you increased business from the many individuals who would prefer to use less toxic lawn care products but are not well-informed about their options.
  3. Inclusion in List of Participating Retailers. MPAC will publish a list of retailers participating in the Midwest Grows Green on both our website and customer catalog/info pieces. We will create a Google Map of participating retailers with contact information, providing publicity for you and connecting customers to your store.

Retailers interested in participating in the program can contact Ryan Anderson at (773) 878-7378 or by emailing us at randerson@pesticideaction.org with a subject line of “MGG Retailer Program.”

Resources for Partner Retailers

Midwest Grows Green: Guide for Participating Retailers

This guide contains instructions and guidelines for retailers participating in the MGG Point-of-Purchase pilot program. If you are a retailer interested in the program, follow this link to learn more.

Click to view the guide

Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Product Catalog for Retailers

This catalog lists products that meet MPAC’s standards to qualify for use with the Eco-Friendly shelf tags. Retailers may also consult this guide to find ideas for new products to stock that may appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

Contact randerson@pesticideaction.org for catalog


Return to the Midwest Grows Green homepage to learn more about how reducing the use of pesticides by adopting natural lawn care can benefit the health of your community and the environment.