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Condominium Associations and Cooperatives Prepare for Bed Bugs

In response to Chicago’s new Bed Bug Ordinance, MPAC hosted a successful Bed Bug Preparedness 101: Bed Bug Plan Development for Condominium Associations and Cooperatives on March 12, 2014 . During the half-day event, Midwest Pesticide Action Center staff led association and cooperative board members through a detailed, sample bed bug preparedness plan that included best management practices for education, monitoring, inspecting, and treating units, while recognizing the unique governing challenges these buildings have. Attendees left with a template plan that will help them to prepare for bed bug problems in their buildings.

The Chicago Bed Bug Ordinance states that all condominium associations and cooperatives must have a bed bug pest management plan in place by March 24th, 2014. This plan must include detection, inspection and treatment strategies, as well as proper record-keeping procedures for pest control activities.

This event impacted over 9,000 managed units of housing as reported by attendees, making this one of our more impactful events. Attendees seized on the opportunity to discuss the relationship between pest control practices, the health of people, and proper maintenance of our living environments.

Our sample plan goes above and beyond the minimum that is required under the ordinance. In order to minimize pesticide use, MPAC and pest professionals advocate for frequent monitoring and inspection of living spaces for signs of infestation. Our plan is a helpful tool people can use to make good pest control decisions and good decision-making leads to better results with the lowest negative impacts.

For more information on bed bug control, Chicago’s ordinance, and how to hire a responsible, experienced pest control operator, visit our resources page here.

Our next event is scheduled for May 9th and is designed for both multi-unit building managers and condominium associations. Sign up here.