A Holiday Message from MPAC’s Executive Director Ruth Kerzee

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

As we move into the darkest days of the year, I brighten mine by thinking of all the warmth and encouragement we have received in 2017 from you, our supporters.  Your leadership in communities across the Midwest to limit the impacts of pesticides differs in stark contrast to the barrage of discouraging environmental news we hear across the country.

Thanks in large part to your hard work this year, MPAC has seen some truly spectacular successes such as the expansion of the Midwest Grows Green initiative and the incredible popularity of our new childcares online webinar.

The words of Margaret Mead resonate more with me today than at any time in the recent past, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  I’m amazed what so few can do to usher in positive change when the deck seems stacked against progress.

Here at MPAC, we take our strength from your passion and the faith that you have in us to help achieve your vision of creating a safer and healthier future for “all creatures, great and small” – our children, our pets, our pollinators and the myriad of other living things that pesticides directly or indirectly impact.  So, as we move past these dark winter days, let us take solace in knowing that the sun will return as will MPAC’s commitment to you and our mission.

In 2018, look for… Midwest Grows Green to outpace all other programs in funding with projects expanding into the Calumet Region in Illinois and plans for research in Wisconsin and Illinois; our Asthma Friendly Childcares program to protect our most vulnerable in areas with some of the highest asthma rates in the country; and the advance of new laws and regulation to protect and preserve health and the environment.  MPAC will also seek new opportunities and unconventional strategies to progress our mission, such as incorporating IPM into the push for energy efficiency – not as much of a stretch as you may think.

One thing is for sure: Without your hard work, faith in us, and pure hubris none of our past or future successes would be possible.

Thank you and…

A Bright and Happy New Year to All!

Ruth Kerzee